Description of Business

BPS is an engineering consulting firm offering a wide array of professional services, such as, project and construction management, execution of works on turnkey basis following design and build approach, trainings, consultancy and advisory services in the field of engineering and construction.

One of the key services offered by BPS is in the field of project management consulting services where it brings together its skill, focus and discipline to ensure projects are completed to the satisfaction of the clients and achieve their intended purpose.

The successful project management service offered by BPS concentrates on the three prime issues of time, cost and quality, ensuring a coherent structure for managing all three.

Products and Services

BPS offers a comprehensive package of services designed to allow our clients to focus on their core business while we manage their projects and carry forward to completion. Some of the myriad services BPS offers are:

  • Project Management Consultancy Services
  • Turnkey building solutions
  • Trainings
  • Consultancy and Advisory Services

i. Project Management Consultancy Services

As a Project Management Consultant (PMC), BPS takes overall responsibility for construction and infrastructure related aspect of the project, and provides comprehensive management support to the client taking responsibility for planning, organizing and directing all resources to achieve the project objectives.

PMC function includes the following services:

Project Management Services

  1. Advisory Support
  2. Coordination
  3. Planning & Scheduling
  4. Procurement and contract strategy
  5. Design management
  6. Schedule & Cost control
  7. Certification of payments
  8. Reporting
  9. Project Communication and Documentation

Construction Management Services

The construction management system integrates co-ordination and dovetailing of inputs & resources, towards the prime objectives of completing the project on schedule, controlling cost and quality. As such, construction management constitutes that primary part of the procurement process, which assures that the client gets what it paid for.

Construction Management Services include:

  1. Site supervision
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Setting out and checking of levels
  4. Safety of operations on site

ii. Turnkey Building Solutions

The use of integrated design and build arrangement encourages close co-operation between designers, contractors and specialist suppliers. This arrangement has the advantage of reducing the project life cycle due to the use of concurrent engineering concept. The expertise of those specialists outside the designer’s own organisation is also suitably utilised in adding value to the product while eliminating waste – due to poor constructability, and design changes during construction.

Refer BPS Advantage for more information.

iii. Training Services

BPS also offers training services in the field of procurement, project management and use of computer applications for construction management, such as, Construction Manager, which is a custom made software application for Bhutan’s construction sector which was developed by the promoter when he worked for the Ministry of Education.

iv. Consulting Services

Another core area of interest for the company is to provide the necessary expertise in the field of engineering, management and construction by taking advantage of its pool of professionals who have served in various leadership positions in the government and are intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities.

BPS therefore also provides consulting services in the field of construction covering diverse fields, such as, procurement, project management and implementation, construction sector development, etc.