Corporate Profile

The Company

The establishment of the company was prompted by the understanding that while the private sector must play an increasingly important role towards nation building, there is an acute shortage of professionals practising in the private sector in Bhutan. Therefore, one of the core areas of interest for the company is to provide the necessary expertise in the field of engineering, management and construction by taking advantage of its pool of professionals who have served in various leadership positions in the government and are intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities.

The other area of interest for the company is to work towards introducing a ‘systems approach’ in construction, and in enhancing construction productivity and cost reduction, through adoption of innovative building technologies and construction materials.

Knowledge of the market place is a key ingredient for any business as it determines the ability of the company to respond to the changing needs as well as effectively meet the needs of its customers. Bhutan Professional Services has an intimate knowledge of Bhutan’s construction sector as well as a large network, both within the public and private sector, and is therefore well placed to service the needs of the industry.